This is the post trip write up of Ladakkk on Wheels Bike Trip (LOW)


Organized by:

Ram the Biker & Trek on Wheels Team (a part of CTC)


Supported by:

Nachu & Peter


  1. Ramchand says:

    Hey, this is really cool trip.. enjoyed watching ur pictures… feel like next time with u guys.. please inform me and keep me loop thanks a lot for ur sharing all this stuffs… Grt!! Danks!

    • Arulmozhi says:

      thank YOU so much! 🙂 🙂

      and about the loop.. it’s called CTC: Chennai Trekking Club!

      • SHIVA says:


        sema..!!! Kalakiteenga..
        indha trip fulla ungaloda spent pannuna madri oru feel!!
        chance eh ella… wat a narration…

        im quoting nothing becas there are many to be quoted…
        i was moved to write this comment nt by the trip bt by the excellent story..
        i spent more than 4 hours reading it line by line..
        every line made me feel wat u were feeling wen u wrote them…

        i dint know that u can narrate so well…
        or else our trips would have been more interesting to me..
        i missd..

        coming to the trip:
        i wanted to ask you
        How did u manage riding bike in such a weather?
        freezing climate! Slippery roads! so many bags hanging here and there!
        i think u guys are really tuff.. “elam kandru bayam ariyaadhu” – nejam dhan!

        Arul Mam U Rokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….

        ungalukku kandippa oru “O” potae aaganum…

        oooooooooooooOOOO( )( )( )( ).

  2. Hey,
    I really loved the way you have written about your experience here. I got this ID from a chat friend. The pics are simply amazing. It would be nice if you can give information on how to be a part of it and also mention your next destination in plan.
    Thanks for sharing all this, it feels wonderful seeing all the lovely places which ‘we’ see in movies these days from abroad. 😉

    • Arulmozhi says:

      And I really liked your comments 🙂

      This trip was organized by Trek on Wheels, a part of CTC… Chennai Trekking Club…

      Join and you’ll know everything… and MORE!

  3. Arulmozhi says:

    Hi Shiva!!!

    nee sweden la pota O inga en kaadhu kizhiyudhu! 🙂 🙂


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